Escuela de autor

Client: Santillana


Within the educational offer of Santillana, Escuela de autor is created, teaching material where the opportunity to choose more specific subjects by age is given.

A graphic line is required that can grow depending on the different subjects and school ages.


It is based on Origami forms where with just a sheet of paper you can make different shapes. 

This is Escuela de autor, it transforms education by involving the teacher by choosing the subjects according to the age of the students.

To unite the contents of Escuela de autor, the element chosen is a staircase that allows access and climbing from one world to another using these claims:

  • Infant: A natural world, with flat colours where the claim is «To educate is also to imagine«.

  • Primary: A more dreamlike and imaginative world, with the same claim.

  • Secondary: A space world into the future, where the stars guide you and you can explore other planets. The claim is «To educate is also to guide«.


We developed all the design and layout of the contents of Escuela de autor based on the design of the official material.

We also created the packaging for the Infant and Primary editions where, following the Origami concept, we designed a folder with a triptych structure with containers and flaps with reverse closure.

Design and packaging for Infant school contents

Design and packaging for Primary school contents

Design and packaging for Secundary school contents